The Governor's School for Emerging Technology

When one brings the brightest minds in any region together, great things can happen, and the Governor’s School for Emerging Technology (GSET) does just this by bringing together 36 of the best students in Tennessee. They went through a rigorous application process and many had to first be selected by their county before even being able to compete for a place at the school. Out of the 250 applicants, I was one of the accepted.

I have only been at the school for a couple hours now, but I can already tell it will be a great experience even if I don’t end up learning a lot. It turns out their “Computer Science for Engineers” course will only cover the basics of Matlab (a language I am already familiar with through my extensive work with its free and open source alternative “R”). Learning R or Matlab is great, but for me, it is old hat. Although I am not certain of the details surrounding the “Introduction to Engineering” course, the fact that it is only 1 credit hour (vs. the two for the computer science one), I doubt it will be very difficult.
Update: The professors seem well qualified to provide more difficult material to those advanced enough.

All the cynical judgments about the education aside, the real benefit can come from the students in the program. They are truly the best minds in Tennessee, and if I can find like-minded students anywhere, it will likely be here. I haven’t truly gotten to know any other student because things are so early, but I sense there will be a lot of gems.

Excuse the hasty writing, but I need to get back to my next activity!

Source: Noah Codes

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