How I Learned AP Calculus in My Sleep

A few weeks before the AP tests, I pondered whether one could get a good night’s rest all through college and outperform students who spent more time studying by learning in my sleep. It seemed like the perfect plan, and a short while later I did some research into its feasibility.

Sure enough, studies had been done, and it had been proven that you can assuredly reinforce information while sleeping, and potentially even acquire new knowledge.

All the studies showed that by playing audio containing information related to the subjects, your brain would think more about the subject and process information about it to a greater degree. I have included article references on the bottom of this post.

With the APs so near, I decided to spend five minutes a day creating a simple audio clip of my voice reciting facts about the AP content I had studied that day. I then looped it throughout the night at a reasonable volume, and although I don’t have facts to back up any of this data, it does seem quite clear from the scientific studies that this did have a positive correlation with increasing my performance on the APs.

In college, I hope this tool can be effective enough to make the experience much more relaxed and make better use of my time in higher education.


Source: Noah Codes

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