Anki. The quest for omniscience.

If any piece of software can make you know everything at all times, Anki must be that tool, enabling you to memorize facts for the rest of your entire life no matter how many you are trying to remember at once. It uses a flashcard based system utilizing the spaced-repetition learning method. What this means, is it only shows you a flashcard again when the knowledge of it has begun to fade. This means that although it might initially show a card again in a day or two, eventually it will start waiting years between reviews if you really have it down.

I’ve used this tool to help me in my college Spanish class, during the AP testing, while learning new programming language constructs, and everything in between. Its effectiveness has proven to be godly, and I firmly believe that there is no faster way to learn new facts or study old material. With just ten minutes invested every day, you can remember every fact you’ve ever tried to learn while adding in new ones.

Plus, it has a HUGE community of followers and you can access thousands of public decks for everything you can imagine, from cloud formations to AP Biology facts. You can view and download these decks from, and download the actual software from It also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android that syncs your cards and study data between your devices.

This tool is an absolute must-have for everyone and is especially useful for current students. Even if you don’t intend to know all things at all times, you can gain incredible value from just putting in a couple minutes a day to remember key facts.

Source: Noah Codes

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